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How do you dissipate the denim sub-culture Beyond urban centres to semi-urban centres
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  • Korra Jeans established in 2012, aimed to be a globally relevant and accessible Indian brand identified with craftsmanship, sustainability and conscious consumption.

  • Korra was now entering a growth phase and the mandate was to build the brand footprint.

  • Korra was positioned as a premium brand in the online space, but awareness was low.

  • Korra products were only made of Raw Selvedge fabric, which was appreciated by denim-heads but very few people in India had even heard about

Brand solution
  • E-commerce had just started booming in India and coupled with social media, it led to a great democratisation in terms of exposure to fashion and access to it beyond the tier-1 cities. This made the consumer very discerning.

  • Apart from this, there was an advent of brands that were built around sustainability and this appealed to millennial ideals.

  • We factored these aspects in when we identified and developed cultural archetypes of the consumer for Korra in tier-1 and tier-2 cities

  • The messaging was developed to resonate with this new discerning Indian consumer who did not necessarily belong to urban cities but had the means and access to have the same experiences as urban consumers, while at the same time was a responsible and conscious consumer. 

  • With this we broadened the consumer base which contributed to Korra’s growth.

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How do you create content in line with societal realities of the day.

Despite a successful, strong new positioning that fed into new content, the channel was losing viewership. Social and cultural constructs like femininity, relationships, love, etc. in the current cultural context were to be defined in line with the new positioning to be taken as a common thread across different story constructs.

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How do you differentiate a brand in a category like denim?

A Japanese 1940s legacy denim brand had lost considerable market share at home and internationally. The brand had to be redefined and relaunched in Japan and two other international markets which were culturally very different.

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