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How do you create content in line with  societal realities
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  • A leading Hindi general entertainment channel had refreshed its brand positioning which connoted ‘sparking new conversations in society’

  • A content refresh representing this positioning was rolled out.

  • Mandate was to articulate the cultural and semiotic discourses around the positioning, that could be fed back as a brief for the content development teams

  • The TRPs for the channel had slipped, and content needed to be in line with societal realities of the day.

Brand solution

  • The concept of the positioning being very broad, we picked up constructs that would represent this concept and focused on three of them – definitions of Femininity today, Love, Relationships.

  • The target group being women in tier-2 cities, content around these constructs would resonate more

  • After an audit of the current programming on GEC channels – this channel included and others - we pinpointed the prevalent orthodoxy in content around these constructs.

  • The prevalent orthodoxy we identified were narratives around difficult love relationships, revenge dramas, supernatural themes around women, and plot lines requiring audiences to suspend all notions of reality.

  • In the next step, we identified subculture discourses around the chosen constructs, and articulated ideologies that were true in spirit and mirrored today’s reality, all in tandem with the brand positioning.

  • These ideologies will be taken forward as a basis for developing content.

  • at are timeless in any culture – and is a way of life / personality if chosen.

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How do you differentiate a brand in a category like denim?

A Japanese 1940s legacy denim brand had lost considerable market share at home and internationally. The brand had to be redefined and relaunched in Japan and two other international markets which were culturally very different.

Image by Ricardo Gomez Angel
How do you dissipate  the denim sub-culture beyond urban to semi-urban centres 

An online brand, Korra Jeans’ product lines were made of raw selvedge denim making it niche in the category. With a focus on craftsmanship and sustainability, Korra products had great potential in the domestic and international markets, but awareness was low. 

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